You May Think This Is Just A Chair, But It Isn’t. Let Me Tell You Why

You May Think This Is Just A Chair, But It Isn’t. Let Me Tell You Why

…A true story that’s most likely happened to you

Remember your growing up and attending primary and secondary school, you had your favorite seat in class and in your sitting room that you cherished.

You always told your friends, classmates and siblings to “Shift for me”, “You are sitting on my space” or “This is my spot”.

Even as grown-ups, we all have favourite things we hold dear. This is why Bedmate, your reliable makers of comfortable, classy and durable home, office and hotel furniture, recognizes that your chair in your office and home is a special part of your life and activities.

It is where you sit and relax as you work or watch movies.

Even when office events we often overlook happens, like ‘NEPA taking light’, diesel finishing in your ‘gen’, water finishing in your dispenser, someone taking your food from the fridge, your buddy-buddy taking your pen and never returning it, or you letting go of stomach gas and hoping no one notices, your Bedmate chair remains by your side.

This is our long-lasting promise of reliability, comfort and unity of purpose in helping you work and achieve more.

Getting one or more today is the start of a greater, fulfilling working relationship, which you can gladly look at every day and say, “This is my Bedmate Chair. Don’t carry it.”

In the words of Uche Nwali, a procurement officer in Abuja, “Apart from the people, if I leave my job today, I’ll miss my Bedmate chair!”

Call us now on 0700-233-6283, 0905-676-0888, 0908-023-1888 or walk into our showrooms in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja or order online and take the full advantage of owning a piece of furniture that’s made with the toughest materials, yet stays gentle with you as you work towards achieving your personal and company’s New Year Goals.

Bedmate Furniture…Makes Your Living Better

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