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VIP Membership Sales Promo

Dear Friend,

How are you today? We hope you are fine, and your day has been good too😎 We’ve got some exciting news that’s gonna delight you & make you smile when we finally let the cat out of the bag. Are you ready to hear it? 😉

You see, this coming Friday— 23rd April to 28th April 2021 is our Super VIP Membership Sales week featuring 55% OFF for Regular, New & Royal furniture while Sofia Office goes for 5% OFF.

This is that our VIP Sales that only happens every end of the month to enable you & many other friends get the amazing luxury furniture you’ve been longing for in your homes & offices.

Another special thing about our VIP Sales is, depending on your purchase, it grants you permanent access to owning luxury furniture at huge discounts going forward with membership cards of either Regular Card, Silver, Gold, or Diamond.

If you already own one of our membership cards, it enables you to further discounts of 1 to 5% off— depending on your volume of purchase.

Also, this VIP Sales beginning this Friday, 23rd April, has a whole lot of unique-never-before-seen units of factory-fresh furniture that gives your home or office a timeless look every day.

Hmmm, I wish I could say more, but hurry now to our nearest showroom or enquire here to see the limited stock at its best before others have had a chance to pick it over & take out the loveliest units.

Because now, you too can enjoy the extra sweet feelings of comfort, happiness, & satisfaction for making the right, magical choice in choosing Bedmate Furniture for your home or office.

For more information, please enquire within or call now on:

Ikeja: 01-454-0929 / 0700-233-6283

Lekki: 0814-930-1942

PH: 0908-023-1888

Abuja: 0905-676-0888

Cheers ☺️, as we look forward to making you smile with happiness for making the right, magical choice this Friday & beyond.

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